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Reassurance Scans For added peace of mind during your pregnancy our reassurance scan is available from 12 weeks. What is a Viability Scan? Viability scans are provided by first Scan in our Window to the Womb clinics.

What is a Dating Scan? Dating scans are provided by first Scan in our Window to the Womb clinics. What is a Reassurance Scan? Reassurance scans are provided by first Scan in our Window to the Womb clinics. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These cookies operate automatically and do not contain any personal information.

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However, if you are experiencing the signs of an ectopic pregnancy with severe pains in your side, you may be given a very early scan at 5 weeks. At this stage, it will be possible to see a small pregnancy sac, but if it's an ectopic pregnancy, the sac will sadly be empty and there'll be no heartbeat. I could see the tiny baby and it already had little stumps where arms and legs would be but it still had a yolk in the sac like a bird!

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This allows you to see things much more clearly. Unlike an abdominal scan, you don't need a full bladder, so you'll be asked to go for a pee before the scan begins. You go into the corner of the room and have a sheet over you, in order to do this. You go in the corner of the room and they put a curtain round you to do this. Then they ask you to put your knees up and open your legs, like you're having a smear.

They said they were checking to see how many were in there, there was only one. They checked for a heartbeat and you could see a flutter and he put the volume on so we could hear it too. Not according to MFMers on our forum.

Pre-scan preparation

It's quite long but they don't put it all the way in. They cover it with a condom and put some lube on the end. Still he found it an equally amazing experience and it certainly has made it feel more real. If you go privately you should be be given a picture. Many of us in the early stages of pregnancy feel like this! Waiting for the standard NHS dating scan at around 12 weeks can seem like an age.

It feels as though life has stopped and all I can think about is the pregnancy, seeing the midwife and having a scan!

I don't know how anyone waits until the 12 weeks scan. Is it just me that worries this much? The answer to that is of course not. We heard his little heartbeat and saw that he was growing as he should be.

Welcome to the Baby Skan Studio.

My advice is that a happy relaxed mummy leads to a healthy baby, so if a scan will help you achieve that, then go for it. But, if your only reason for wanting one is reassurance that your pregnancy is going OK, have a chat with your midwife first. There are a number of private scan companies - you can find local ones on Google. Look for reviews and recommendations and then check for qualifications and accrediation. So, before you book your scan, ask what experience the sonographers have and whether they're able to perform vaginal scans if that is required.

The costs of these scans really varies.

The questions you may have will probably vary depending on whether it is a private or an NHS scan and your reasons for having a scan, but these may help:. As a precautionary approach, the RCOG recommends that women should only have a scan at this stage of pregnancy for clinical reasons. But it's a good idea to have a chat with your midwife or GP before making any final decisions.

They could hardly see anything and said that either I was earlier than I thought, about 4 weeks, or the baby had stopped growing. I was a nervous wreck for 2 weeks and didn't sleep the night before. Anyway, I got there and the first thing the doctor said was 'I can see the heartbeat'.

Private pregnancy dating scan leeds

I'm now 26 weeks, massive and my baby kicks constantly, which is very reassuring. But you will of course be given measurements and dates at your earlier scans too. A friend of mine went for an early scan and thought she was 6 weeks.