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After the breakup between you and your girlfriend, she becomes your ex girlfriend. It is very obvious that you can see her getting involved with other guys.

How to Go Green: Hurricane Michael as seen from space is an ominous thing video.

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Artificial intelligence found a new species of hominids that bred with humans. Urban Micro Home is a small house for outdoorsy couple. This family batch-cooks 40 meals at a time. K-Cup coffee is stupid. In case of rapturous decluttering, don't throw away your books.

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Plant a wildlife hedge instead of building a fence. I have read non-stop on this forum since I discovered it and just thought I would see what kind of reaction I would get if I posted something a bit off topic. Especially true when you live and work in a remote area.

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Greensingles is a good site if you have the patience for internet dating. There is a thread for singles right here on this site. I am also a permie and in the process of divorce. We humans are tribal, social animals and don't fare well alone. And separating from a mate is agonizing. Why not create some invisible structures that enable those of us to share the same values to get together and form intimate relationships? I think it is very much on topic!

I was, at one time, a monk. I've done the celibacy thing.

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Unless there is a very specific life path that necessitates a life apart, I think good permaculture design involves a life partner at zone zero! And thanks shiva for the tip about green singles. I will check it out. The best way I feel is to go to events and gatherings that will have like minded people.

Im not saying over the internet to meet people is in any way wrong or bad, but going out to meet people face to face is just another option.

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Things like farmers markets, PDC 's, classes on sustainable living, free lectures, outings in nature. I try to find as many events in my area the free ones first that have to do with sustainable living and being in nature. A good way to meet people in general. For example I will be going on an outing in a few weeks Wild foraging hike where I will most likely be around many like minded individuals who have some of the same goals and intentions in living as I do.

I agree that having a partner to share the experience of sustainable living is great. There are several "green singles" sites on the internet now. I have mixed feelings.

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I know it's a way to meet those who share some values and are also seeking a mate. OTOH, it feels a little like ordering a life partner on Amazon. Doesn't feel like there is a lot of magic there.

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