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After the breakup between you and your girlfriend, she becomes your ex girlfriend. It is very obvious that you can see her getting involved with other guys.

A photo from neck to waist, faceless, clothed in a grubby wrinkled t-shirt Wow Ive seen so many of these haha not sure if there's some kind of secret society all these idiots belong to Nah not enough brains to submit a decent photo Apparently the majority of these men want "relationships" OK if this is the amount of effort they put into their photos and bio Well you can figure out what amount of effort they put into everything else lol. Also this stupid 3 day thing Well maybe the site owners should spell out very clearly that when you tick 'like' or they do, the person has 3 DAYS to contact you or contact you back And Umm 3 days is NOT 3 minutes so don't get aggressive and abusive A huge problem for the men on this site, well too many of them.

I get dozens of messages a day and obviously can't contact every one of them immediately and to log on and read the abuse well Most of the guys appear to be paid members so you'd think maybe they wouldn't be asking for nudie shots second sentence but no Seems like there are some decent guys on the site, I've been talking to quite a few but I gotta say it's the aggro ones which spoil it for the rest of them.

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Ladies if you like a guy best to go on kik or similar and talk to them there, stay off the site as much as possible lol it'll really put you off!! I was there for sometime and wouldnt entertain any sleaze or inappropriate behaviour of those males and they would always ask me to add them of fb or give myphone number in first 5 minutes of chat and when refused my profile went into review. After some time my profile was restricted. You cant trust this site where everything is freely available and criminal or sick minded males are on it.

You cant trust such sites which is full of unsafe men and sleaze and they cant even hold a decent conversation and make inappropriate advances. To all women get off that site and run away as far as you can. All those sleazers and sick mind men are on it and are freely doing what ever they want to but if you are decent enough then your profile can go under review as you must have offended such sleaze. This site is pretty good for a free site, and you can send and receive messages and exchange pics freely.

I'm a 50 year old male, so there are not a huge amount of women in my demographic, however I guess I am picky, I like my women tiny and petite and generally blond. That said, I do not think you will meet the woman of your dreams on here, as you really have to look at the reasons why they are on this site in the first place. From my experience, most have baggage or other issues like insecurity,anxiety, horrible adult children who still live with them, or are not very sexual. Full of russian scammers with picture profile of what looks like world class model but apparently single and don't trust local men, they don't get time to talk on oais but only by email.

On the other hand it's an International site , how wud admin of oasis know how to filter them out, generally people hate paying for dating site. Constnatly profile is under review Also, watch out for the "Shout out" ladies. This site is FULL of scammers. They pounced on me time after time; I almost believed one of them, he was so good!

They want you to immediately get out of the site and into Skype, text, and email. They tell you that it's fate or even GOD that has brought us together and then all sorts of fantastic stories I may be ignorant, but I'm not stupid! This site is becoming a joke! I do the right thing and say "No" to requests rather than let them lapse after the 3 day period and they are constantly putting me under review Just a normal female looking for someone real and genuine and most importantly someone that I like: What more can be said about oasis.

The women on there so stuck and arrogant, there are women who are so far under average in looks and they still don't bother accepting or wanting to talk. Don't use unless you are a complete MONG! I have used quite a few dating sites, and I found this is the best so far, even better than all the other paid sites i've used.

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  • I like the design of the site, the layout is so unique to the others, more easy and continent to use than most of the other dating site. Tell you what, I've used match, e- harmony, pof, okcupid, connect single The IM feaure of the site is very good. I think all the sites have all kinds of scammers and bad ones, but also has decent people, it's all up to you to filter the bad ones out, just use conmen sense. I really don't understand why people complain about this site, it's free, as long as you do not give scammers any chance to scam you, you will be fine and enjoy finding your special one without any time limits.

    There are lots of scummy guys on this site however there are also many nice guys. I have met a range of guys from this site and they have all been really interesting, sweet, genuine guys with good jobs or good prospects. It does take a lot of effort to sort out the good from the bad though bad v.

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    So I make an account, wait all evening for it to get accepted, wake up in the morning to find that it has been accepted and then put under review. It doesn't even make sense. And half of the profiles don't have pictures. You would have better luck finding love on ebay. The guys giving this more than one star are shills.

    Don't waste your time on this site. Oasis dating site has been marvelous to me. Its free u get 2 choose what you want. It also gives u every week to send shoot out for free which lots of females contact you. Find that hard to believe as you can't even speak to anyone! If you want to find women on this website!

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    Draw all of your money out the bank! Fill your wallet to the brim and use a picture of your wallet full of cash as your profile picture! These online dating sites are not a true indication of real women in the world! Full of fake people with fake lives acting fake!

    Hell the local meth smoker in town sounds like she is a church going nun on here!

    Troy woman loses more than $700,000 in online dating site scam

    Try this some time! Make your profile so ridiculous like millionaire looking for Ms right! I travel the world with my plastic surgery business! And I own 50 apartments worldwide! And the ladies will come like fly's to a freshly layed! Too many sexed up selfish men. I've chosen to avail myself on this free dating site. I feel I have a very clear written profile yet I get guys putting in to chat about dirty talk and more dirty talk.

    Cant understand why every one is so sexed up. If they so sexed up why are they separated divorced etc.

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    They probably drove there partners crazy with just focusing on trying to get laid and gave nothing in return to nurture their marriages and relationship. I here where you men are coming from us boys need to stick together on this. I've tried the paid dating sites too nothing comes of them woman are all about them selves that's for sure. What frustrates me the most is that nothing is ever talked about on what it's really like for guys, I'm tired of jumping threw hoops for women more needs to be done to address this and I know myself I will keep fighting to get out the real world behind what men have to go threw till the day I die.

    Life's what you make it and the long term damaging effects that these evil woman are creating, just remember you girls if we go down your coming with us it's all doom and gloom this crap world anyway full of self scented women, I've rushed what I've said tonight but I'll be back, need to go to bed to work tomorrow for a bleak future anyway why do I bother, remember boys let's stick together and fight for our voice to be heard.

    Complete waste of time. Women you put likes on just block you straight away without even glancing at your profile. I give up on this useless site. Complete waste of my time. Full of married, mentally unstable kinky men. Easy to use but too bad most of the guys on here are creepy mentally insane desperate creepy rude horrible kinky manipulative not a good experience on here.

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    Would not recommend unless you want to waste your time. Its free and far from fun. Basically ive met heaps, ive dated, ive had one night stands, ive had women wanting to be a bonk buddy and ive had five women in bed at the same time.