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After the breakup between you and your girlfriend, she becomes your ex girlfriend. It is very obvious that you can see her getting involved with other guys.

I became very self concious about my situation and stopped trying to date. Then, last year, as I was making some physical progress, came to accept the situation with my injuries and was able to work part-time, I decided to pick up David D's Double your Dating I had just seen the Pick Up artist, but couldn't afford Magic Bullet only to have my father die which set me back on some of the inner game advances that I had made.

About the time my father died, I read David D's book, but I thought he was full of bull about not needing money. Then, I saw first hand someone without a job get and keep a hot looking woman without needing to take her out on expensive dates, etc. And, I started to believe. She is lots of fun. The body not so much, imo however, she dates musicians and lawyers so go figure.

She started coming around a lot and getting very flirtacious and touchey. I took time to work on myself and my situation. Over the past few weeks, I have had: She's a little young for me, but the practice is good.

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She walked behind me the other day while I was talking to a supervisor and dragged her finger lightly along my shoulders, she always tells me I am so nice until I bust on her at which point she'll tell me I am either mean or a hellion and hits me playfully well, she catches herself and stops before making contact. Today, we went to lunch. I let her pay for herself which would not have happened before reading David D's book and these boards. She lost track of time and I realized she was going to be late getting back to work. As we walked out, I did a little compliance test.

When she asked, what I was doing, I told her it was a "trust test" and explained how she was letting my hand lead hers, because she trusted me. She liked it and was impressed. Then, I said goodybe and turned away to leave. She grabbed me and pulled me back into a tight embrace. She confessed that she can't wait until Monday to see me at work. I held the door open and I made comment when she thanked me I don't recall what it was.

She turned, stopped, and doubled back to talk to me. She gave me her name and told me the deptartment where I can find her on Tuesday. I should have done the email routine to get her number, but I was in a hurry and know where to find her. Admittedly, I still have a long way to go. However I am already farther that I was this time a year ago. Kind of like what the review said. I bought a few David De Angelo products after and they were good also, but for the price this is really the best.

It's the foundation of everything David talks about in other products also, and also the same principles most other guru talk about. Actually if you don't want to become a "pick up artist", you just want to get a girlfriend a be a better dude with women, this is almost all you need. I know because I bought this for my best friend for his birthday 2 years ago and it changed his life. He doesn't cold approach or anything but he is much better with the girls he meets at work, social circles, etc.

David DeAngelo: Cocky and Funny

The Bad This came out quite a few years ago and alot of the info is not as groundbreaking as it was back then. This is one of the first things I read upon finding the seduction community. Just by reading David DeAngelo's free e-mails and this book my success with women immediately improved. There is nothing complicated in here, and after reading it you think to yourself 'this is so obvious, why didn't I figure this out sooner?

It doesn't focus on all the technical details and over-complicated formulas of some dating gurus, it gets down to the basics. It helps to give you the right mindest and outlook on your interactions with women and clues you in as to what really causes attraction. I went from being incredibly nervous around women to being able to flirt with ease after I adopted the principles in this book.

Another benefit of the book was that I started having a lot more fun when talking to women, which made everything flow that much more smoothly.

David DeAngelo (Double Your Dating) – 5 Easy Lessons

Definitely worth a read. DD's stuff is an excellent supplement to the VAH, especially if you are in the early stages of your game. I've read these two books, plus The Game.

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The Game is just a super fun ready that if you comb through, you can take away a ton of great stuff. VAH is like a manual for the MM. David D's book is more common sense info that reinforces in my head all the points that Mystery makes. MM is more of a system and David D is more of an attitude adjustment thing.

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  4. Taking them together, I'm feeling light years ahead in tems of getting this thing "handled". It's mainly just techniques and what to do in certain situations. It tells you what women are attracted to, but it really doesn't tell you HOW to convey these qualities. Originally posted on the Venusian Arts Forums. Comments 1 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? I remember how miserable my love life used to be. How much frustration, emotional instability and neediness I used to suffered. Then David D appeared.

    It didn't teach me any routine, any gambit, or any strategic system of gaming. Rather, it gave me the core beliefs required for everything else. I have enjoyed success thanks to many other products, but this one is, and will always remain as the one that made the difference. David DeAngelo, Thanks for helping me become a man. I more than recommend reading this ebook, even if you're good with the ladies. Read it at least once, it's an easy read.

    Double Your Dating Dating Coach: David echoes this sentiment throughout his book, and reasons his sentiments with very fundamental principles that, due to the inherent differences between men and women, will never change. They appreciate them, yet inherently, they are more drawn towards aggressive guys because that attribute of a guy generally communicates protection and security. They get more drawn because of their innate need to feel protected. That said, there has to be a limit or a guideline to be followed, or you come across as a jerk.

    David outlines a strategy that based on his experiences years and years of them , has proven to work very well with women. A good set of tips on how to behave, how to act, and what to say at the appropriate time that you can easily follow to finally start making women laugh and make them want to continue the conversation with you. David thoroughly explains 19 of these personality traits altogether, and he believes by mastering only several you would have an unfair advantage over most men.

    Once a lady is interested in a man, everything else falls in place pretty easily without much effort subsequently. David tells you what to do in various situations to be able to expertly pique her interest. For instance, he outlines one simple thing you can do at the end of your conversation with a woman that would leave her wanting more, and even get her to make that next call. What more, he gives in-depth insights on other various aspects of communicating with women that every man need to know.

    Like the RIGHT way to deal with complaints on her part so that she feels loved for, 9 special words that make a lady comfortable with going back to your place even if you barely know each other, 3 profound ways to tease her so that she wants to start making the sexual advancement towards you, 4 things to do before bringing any women home so that it does not end up in a flop, how to turn her on within the first 15 minutes of arrival without getting physical ….

    David DeAngelo (Double Your Dating) – 5 Easy Lessons

    See, once an expert breaks it down to you, telling you exactly what you should do during the different situations, in a language that is easy to understand, being successful with women suddenly becomes as easy as … eating lunch. In Double Your Dating , David DeAngelo laid down a very solid grounding with all the foundational principles that once mastered, would level the playing field for regular guys who are neither exceptionally tall, rich, handsome or good-looking.

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