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Then, later in , they scrapped the entire system and implemented a brand new "Random" numbering system, in which each watch is issued a unique 8-digit "Random" number consisting of numbers and letters. An example of this number would be something like "16G9L7F4" and could start with either a letter or number. This offers them a seemingly endless numbering system by which they could continue indefinitely.

Figuring 8 digits with a possible 36 characters 26 letters and 10 numbers per digit, gives them over 2 Trillion 2,,,, to be exact possible serial numbers. Even if they were to omit the letters "O" and "I", to help avert any possible confusion with the numbers "0" and "1" as they did in the previous numbering system , that would still give them 1,,,, possible combinations.

This also offers Rolex an opportunity to keep the exact year of manufacture for any particular watch a secret. Something that has come back to haunt them for some time now. Therefore, only Rolex knows exactly when any particular watch was made and they aren't talking.

Rolex Serial Numbers with Production Dates

The following "Round Numbers" Serial Number List has been comprised of known serial number ranges for the years listed. By checking a particular serial number against this list you should be able to date a watch with reasonable accuracy.

However, it is no quarantee as to when your watch was shipped from the factory. A Tudor work in progress Serial Number List is included at the bottom of this page The numbers listed particularly those preceding the letter prefix system are a "middle number" for the given year. As an example, the year listed below shows a serial number range of , but this year could include serial numbers below and above this number i.


This is simply the median number represented for that year. Brozek, InfoQuest Publishing, Inc.

ROLEX TUDOR - The Poor Man's Rolex? Tudor Wrist Watches

The information provided on this page is solely the work of the author and has not been reviewed or authorized by Rolex USA. Furthermore, the publishers have received no help from Rolex USA, nor any of its associated companies or any serving employees. Serial Numbers by Date of Manufacture. Also started engraving the serial number inside the bezel under the crystal. Now features 8-digits instead of 7. The following list is a "Work in Progress" and will be updated periodically.

When it comes to Rolex We wrote the Book on it! We like Buying watches almost as much as we like selling them. We offer a unique selection of watch accessories, watch winders, and horological books, as well as providing Expert Watch Repair and Restoration Services that are second to none. I can't seem to find my watch on Google that matches this exactly and I can't find the year.

I'm guessing or I'd like to know if anyone else has or knows about this watch? September 23rd, 2. Back in the late 40's and early 50's, Tudor made watches to be sold in specific countries It is likely that if your watch is native to original sale to your country, that's why it appears to be an orphan. But, you must be using a different Google than I, because, when someone posts here they cannot find any reference to their specific watch, I take the bait and try it myself.

My search turned up more than , returns just by entering Tudor Maybe I'm just a better typist than you.

Re: Can Anyone Identify This Tudor Prince Oyster-Date?

Your watch may be special to you, but in the world of watch collectors, it's worth a few hundred USD. Yours would be worth a lot less because it needs a crown and new crystal. And I'd take that 20mm strap off of it and replace it with a proper 19mm size. The pinching must make the strap feel miserable. September 23rd, 3.

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Originally Posted by Kawika. Falcon15e and LordBrettSinclair like this. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. September 23rd, 4. Originally Posted by Jonathan Davies. Haha of course , images come up when you search but I'd like to see if you can find an exact match.

Tudor Serial Numbers: A Complete Resource Guide

The point of asking wasn't to get your opinion on value or opinion on straps, it was to see if anyone with some knowledge has an idea on the year of production or any info I may not have. I appreciate your interest but you assume a lot and are critical for no apparent reason. This was given to me by a client less than a week ago. It was found at the bottom of a box he found in his attic and it's not overvalued by anyone.

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  • Can Anyone Identify This Tudor Prince Oyster-Date?.
  • Can Anyone Identify This Tudor Prince Oyster-Date?.
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September 24th, 5. Originally Posted by Falcon15e. Been seeing a lot of the douche-bag syndrome on here as of late. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. September 24th, 6.

Tudor Watches | History | From to

That serial number comes up for The style of the case, the dial and the hands are exactly what you would see in the late 50s on a model It is not a Rolex oyster case so it is correct to have the serial number and model number on the case back. It isnt a high dollar watch, so unless it is sentimental, you will most likely be putting more into it than its possibly worth, only a few hundred in this case.

With the missing crown, I would be afraid of what the movement has been exposed to.