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If any areas are noted on the appraisal, those areas will have to be repaired prior to closing.

On subsequent inspections, appraisers want to see the paint removed from the surface and that it was washed and repainted with two coats of non-leaded paint. Try saying that three times fast! This is typically a cost the seller or real estate agent will incur.

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Although, the VA recently updated their state deviations , allowing buyers in some states to pay for their own inspection. If this is the case then the buyer can submit an invoice from the inspector detailing this information and this will generally be permitted as an exception. There are a few states in the North where this is discretionary, so be sure to check with your VA loan specialist before ordering a pest inspection.

The NPMA is a two-page document outlining whether there is visible evidence of wood-destroying insects. Keep in mind that wood-destroying insects are not just limited to termites, but can also include carpenter bees.

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  6. Private Water Sources and the VA Loan.
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  8. Dry rot is also a common item that will be noted on a pest inspection. If you receive a clean pest inspection, no further action will need to be taken.

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    If there is evidence of wood-destroying insects or dry rot, the seller will have to pay for treatment or repair of the areas at no cost to the buyer prior to closing. There are a few things to note for properties with unconventional heating systems:. Think about how much water you use on a daily basis.

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    From cooking to laundry, it really adds up. The opinions presented on VANewsBlog. Any opinions presented on VANewsBlog. If you are unsure of the best course of action in your situation, it is always recommended to consult the Department of Veterans Affairs, a financial advisor, or an attorney. In VA Circular , we find an update that includes the following: Do you have questions about VA home loans?

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