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After the breakup between you and your girlfriend, she becomes your ex girlfriend. It is very obvious that you can see her getting involved with other guys.

It seemed Tony was the last one arrive… "Are you all right, Tony? A few minutes later they heard the elevator and Tim walked over to his desk.

NCIS FANFICTION: (Tony/Ziva)_Everto Angelus

It wasn't long after Tony got to work, when Gibbs phone rang They had arrived at a park. We're ready to go! The end of the day finally arrived and everyone headed for home. Hearing footsteps Gibbs looked up from his boat he was working on and saw Tony.

Hush Little Baby, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction

Tony was a little unsure how this would turn out, but there was no turning back now. So you want me to change rule twelve so you and Ziva can date? Gibbs was hiding a smile, because had known it would only be a matter of time. Noticing Something Different About, Tony 3. Tony Comes Clean To Ziva 4. A New Case 7. Worried About Ziva 9. Abby Tim And More Memories Finding And Saving Abby Finally Talking About The Future The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Tony turned to the stairs and began up them. He was on the second floor stairs when McGee popped out of the entrance.

What kind of plans? Like, meeting plans or friend plans, or plan plans?

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Gibbs walked towards the elevator, which Tony was standing near at this point. Tony watched the door shut and felt alone as the office space was filled with only occasional clicks and rings. He turned around to head back to his desk and ran into Ziva who was leaning against the window.

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Those Mossad mind tricks don't work on me," Tony said with a smile. I was merely making an offer," She said, doing a quick vertical scan of him, "I will go to the movie with you, if you take me to dinner first. I guess, just uhm… I guess I'll pick you up," He said with a smile as he walked into the elevator. He leaned closer to her, "You know, that shirt really does look great on you. Ziva looked up and smiled at him.

They walked into school and parted their separate ways. She finally found him leaning over some girl. The girl was laughed and had her hand on Tony's chest. Ziva watched as he leaned down a whispered something into the girl's ear, the girl smiled even more and kissed Tony's cheek. Tony gave the girl his famous smile.

Abby and McGee watched her walk off angrily. Ziva stormed into the bathroom and starred into the mirror. Why wasn't she as pretty as the other girls? What did they have that she didn't? Why was it always some other girl?

They knew nothing about him. Did they know that he had a sister? Did they know that his sister died, and he blames himself, even though it is clearly not his fault. Did they know that he doesn't have a father, or that his mother has the most beautiful smile, and that is where he gets it from?

Did they know really anything other than his name? Did that girl know that he can play the piano? Would she still be there, would she still care if she knew how sensitive and caring he really was? Would they ever understand how his birthday gift to her was her favorite, not because it was expensive but, because it came from his heart. He had wrote her a song on the piano and had played it for her on her birthday, so self conscious that she wouldn't like it?

Would they have been able to see how scared he was when he watched her fall into a hole when she was so concentrated on listening to him? Did they know that he had skipped the biggest party of the year because she was in the hospital with a broken foot and he didn't want her alone? Ziva thought for a moment. Ziva chuckled at his foolishness and pulled out a pack of tasty cakes. She put them down on his tray.

Tony smiled brightly and picked up the packaged cakes. He held them over his head as if they were jewels. Tony nodded and placed the cakes down. He placed his arm around Ziva's shoulder and hugged her from the side. Ziva tried to hold in her smile. Tony left his arm around her shoulder, not realizing that it was still there. Abby smiled at the scene, Ziva's eyes got big and looked over at Abby.

Ziva slightly leaned into Tony's arm. When he didn't move it away she couldn't help but smile brighter.